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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Job Websites:

Consider your audience in searching for work.Make sure your online presence is professional.

  • LinkedIn – has become one of the leading sites for job search and networking by company Recruiters and candidates. 92% of Recruiters check on candidate’s social media pages. Of those sites LinkedIn is the most viewed. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, do one for yourself before you start applying for roles. Be sure to include a picture that is professional. If you don’t have a professional looking picture, leave the picture slot blank. Be sure the link to your profile is on your resume.

  • GlassDoor – is known as the place to research company culture as comments from employees. You can also job search there. Companies also use this site for marketing purposes.

  • Indeed – is one of the aggregate sites that has job listings. Most companies subscribe to their services and all their jobs are scraped regularly to Indeed’s site.

  • Monster – known as being a site for overall listings.

  • AngelList – best known for finding job postings from very small startup companies. You’ll likely not find all these listings on other sites.

  • The Ladders – best for experienced managers and executive roles

  • FlexJobs – known for remote positions

  • LinkUp – for recent listings

  • Scouted – known for new college grads

  • Jopwell – represents and advance careers for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals.

  • Mogul Millennial – Advice for Black Millennial Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

  • The Mom Project – connects women and employers

Applying for Jobs:

Not every website above will be suitable for you. For example for marketing positions you may want to use MediaBistro. There are hundreds of specialized job sites. Too many to list here but you can do a Google search of your own to find more.

  • Read, Read, Read each job description and save them. Only apply if you are qualified.

  • Select the website(s) that you’ll use and set up search alerts so you’ll be notified when new positions are posted. This will save you time from visiting the sites every day.

  • Do your research to be sure the company/industry are a fit for you.

  • Look for contacts who can help you get your resume in front of the Miring Manager or Recruiter.

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to detail how your experience are a match for the role.

  • Insider Tip – It is important to keep a record of where you apply. Use this key information on a simple Excel spreadsheet: position title; date applied; website of posting; inside contact name; and outcomes. Employer’s use multiple sites to post their positions. You may also want to print out the job descriptions of the roles so you can refer to it when being screened. This spreadsheet will keep you from applying to the same position multiple times. From a Recruiters viewpoint when we see multiple applications to the same role it doesn’t give us a good impression of you. Instead it says you are unorganized.

  • Insider Tip - For most positions are posted for several weeks before the screening, interviewing cycle starts.On average it takes about 45 to fill non-managerial roles.It take more 45+ day to fill higher level roles.So be patient.Recruiters

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