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We offer several services to assist you in your job search.

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You’ve got the drive, credentials, great experience---all the elements, but haven’t found your dream job?  You’re not alone.  Marketing yourself starts with knowing your career focus and a thoughtful job search strategy.  Add a well-written resume; sharpen your interview skills;  enhance your negotiation skills; and you’re headed towards career success.


Sindy has worked with thousands of clients in multiple industries (IT; Healthcare, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical (are  some).  With over 25 years of progressive work experience in HR and as a Consultant, She can help you too!  Sindy’s supported numerous clients with career exploration and career transitions.  She knows what employers want.  Partner with her and get a new perspective on how to sell your full value to potential employers.

I have been meaning to send you a huge thank you and virtual hug for the longest. I have secured a position with Citi thanks to your help. I have been sending your name out to many of my friends. So, hopefully you can get to assist more of us.

K. H.

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Get the career you deserve!


Free Coaching Call 

Unsure what to schedule?  

Do a free 20-minute call to discuss your needs.

Resume Review

A targeted resume is the first step.  We will help you tweak your resume so your skills and experience shine through!

We can help.  Session is 40 minutes.

Sessions below are 60 minutes

Career Exploration  –  Uncertain where to focus your career? Let’s talk about you and what you want.  Schedule an appointment. 

Job Search Strategy  –  Need help? We can help you strategize your job search and/or your career transition.

Mock Interviews – Interviewing is a high-pressure situation with even higher stakes.  Land a great job by learning how to excel in your interviews. Set up a practice session today!

Career Growth Strategy & Goals  –  Need a career plan for your career? Set up an appointment.

Public Speaking  –  Is your mouth dry or hands sweaty just thinking about public speaking?  We can help you wrangle your fears so you can do a good presentation or speech. ​ Let’s discuss.

Set up some time with us today!

On a Video Call

Resume Critiquing

30 minute appointments

Personalized Coaching Sessions

You can schedule a Free Discovery Call if you're unsure of which service is needed.

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