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I was raised to keep my private life private. Sharing my struggles was always difficult for me. I am, opening up in the hope that my story will help someone else. Hitting rock bottom, I found myself bedridden in my parents' home after being diagnosed with a debilitating illness. In a span of 18 months, I lost everything - my health, my job, my income, my newly built home, my marriage, and my self-confidence. For six years, my health continued to deteriorate, I became very weak, dropping to just 100 lbs.


Determined to prove to my ex-husband that I could survive on my own, I channeled all my anger and hurt into reinventing myself. With the support of an older brother, I realized proving I could survive on my own was something I needed to prove to myself. Through my spiritual journey back to Jesus. Transforming my pain into power I saw myself as “the gift”. My strength and courage increased with each passing day.


Taking control of my life I learned to use a computer. With renewed confidence, I transitioned into a Trainer role at a youth employment training program. While, using my teaching skills a passion for recruiting was discovered. Later when the program lost its funding, through persevering I got a Recruiter Position, proving to myself I could overcome obstacles and thrive in my personal life and career.


My skills and experience as a Recruiter grew and I was successful working in multiple industries at varying levels for over 25 years, including being a Consultant, a Recruiting Manager, and a Director of Talent Acquisition.


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“I worked with Sindy to identify, recruit, and hire a sales team. Sindy is the consummate professional: knowledgeable, hardworking, solution-oriented, and has excellent follow-through. Getting the right people on board in any organization is a top priority, and having a seasoned professional is critical. Sindy is a valued partner and her friendly personality and demeanor make it a pleasure to work with her. If you are seeking an industry insider to bring value to your job search or recruitment needs, I highly recommend Sindy Thomas."


"I've always been successful by finding a mentor, colleague, etc., to help network, review my resumes, the job description and discuss my strengths, skills, and interest in the role. I find it very beneficial to prepare yourself and practice before interviewing.  Sindy is an expert.  She will provide you with focused feedback to help you improve and succeed in all aspects of your job search. I highly recommend you work with her on your next career search. Sindy definitely knows the industry and is knowledgeable in what companies are looking for in today's marketplace."


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