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INTERVIEWS PART 3 - By Sindy Thomas

Onsite Interviews

  • If you’ve done your research use that to formulate and good questions for your interviewers.

  • You should have a schedule of your interviewers and their job title. Look them up on LinkedIn before your interview. Prepare to ask each one different questions. That being said there is one line of questioning you can take with everyone. That is to ask them why they joined and if being there is what they expected.

  • Write or type your questions list and keep it handy.

  • Check in with the interviewers on their take of the company culture and team culture you might be joining.

  • Save benefits and salary questions for the Recruiter.

  • Be prepared to make small talk, the weather, the big game last night etc. It will help you build rapport with your interviewer and lessen those interview jitters.

  • Make your interest and the questions and answers you ask genuine. Ask about things you really want to know about. Their answers can lead you to ask new questions on a deeper level which show thought, expertise and serious intent on your part.

  • Breathe and smile and give a good handshake. Men don’t squeeze anyone’s hand too hard. It should be firm, not painful or limp.

What to Bring

  • Bring several copies of your resume and your interview schedule with you just in case. Use a briefcase or one of those portfolios with a tablet to be your carry all. A pen.

  • Bring your business cards.

  • Have a reference list handy. Check in with your references ahead of time that. you’re interviewing so you have a sense of their availability.

  • Examples of your work if appropriate whether in a portfolio, reports or IPad.

  • Have your interview questions and a list of your accomplishments. These lists will help you remember all you’ve done and the impact your work had upon the team and the business. Under pressure it’s easy to forget what you wanted to say.

  • Show good energy, a professional demeanor and great attitude.

  • Kindness. Be kind to everyone you meet.

  • Hand sanitizer, mints and Kleenex.

9.19.2020 slt

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