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INTERVIEWS PART 2 - By Sindy Thomas

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Virtual Interviews

With Covid-19 Virtual Interviews have become the norm for most employers. Doing a virtual interview is much different than the regular onsite interview. Virtual interviews demand you contend with the technology factor and your interview space.

  • Make sure your home technology is up-to-the-task. Can your computer handle Zoom, WebEx, or other like applications? To be safe, plug your computer in so you do not lose connection due to a loss in power.

  • Space - select your interview space carefully. Use a room with good natural light if possible. Make sure your lighting is behind your CPU, so the light illuminates your face well. You do not want shadows on your face and want your interviewers to see you clearly. They are looking to see your facial expressions and see how well you engage in this medium. Also make sure your CPU is at eye level. Looking down does not come across well to the interviewer. Close windows you may have open to minimize unexpected street noise.

  • Rest up the night before your interview so you come across with good energy when answering questions. You do not want to put your interviewer to sleep.

  • Use a virtual background or be sure to tidy up your interview space.

  • Use headphones to reduce background noise. Get a babysitter and put the dog out. We do not want to hear screaming children. It is distracting to both you and the interviewer. It may also be unnerving to you.

  • Put your cell phone on mute/vibrate and ringer off on home phones. Do not let telemarketers or wrong numbers interrupt your interview.

  • Have your resume, the job description, and questions out and ready to use.

  • Clarify what to do at the beginning of the interview if there are connectivity issues. Who should you contact if an issue arises?

  • If you have a pet or child that may come into the room, let the interviewer know in advance so we are not surprised if this happens. However, it is still best to get them squared away before the interview starts.

  • Dress – business casual or business dress is important. Most people are working remotely so business casual is ok. Just make sure you are neat and clean. If you are unsure, it never hurts to dress up. Remember, you are the one looking for a job. The interviewer already has one.

  • Look into the screen when answering questions or asking them. It is harder to engage candidates through a CPU, give us good face time. Be energetic, personable, and let your personality shine through.

  • Sit up straight and engage your interviewer.

  • Know there is a one or two second time delay with internet interviews. It can throw you off when listening to answers or asking questions. Wait a second before you respond to make sure the interviewer has finished their question.

  • Prepare as you would for any other interview. See Onsite Interviews

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