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Business News & Trends – May 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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Business News

Business News - Back to Work

Forbes Insights - In an article by Richard Sine: questions if employers ready to reopen.

“Forbes in collaboration with Zoom surveyed over 400 senior executives to better understand how leaders are planning for the return Here are the “Top 5 Changes to Increase Employee Safety: 67% will limit in-person meetings; 60% to modify common areas; 55% reduced access to common areas; 51% automatic doors, voice automation; hands-free fixtures and other techniques to reduce touching surfaces; 48% to wearables to monitor social-distancing.“

Female Voices –Lacking

A Catalyst - survey from 2020 reports Zoom meetings and the lack of normal social cues have contributed to exacerbating an existing lack of female voices in meetings. Denise Woods, Voice & Dialect Coach, recommends we focus on breathing before speaking take a pause.

Trends - Workcations?

The term “workcation” just thinking about it makes me cringe. I am all in for the sanctity of the “real vacation”. Time off where you shut down and relax. However, in a recent Harris Poll 74% of Americans said they would consider taking a workcation. That’s a shocking number. You should fight for a viable solution to keep some work/life balance. Honoring yourself with a “real vacation” is a way to do that. After all you’re worth it!

Attention New Grads

The Best Paying Internships for 2021 - Glassdoor article dated 4.21.2021

Here are the top 15 listed:

Nvidia avg/mo. $8811

Facebook avg/mo. $8023

LinkedIn avg/mo. $8009

Amazon avg/mo. $7954

Salesforce avg/mo. $7710

Microsoft avg/mo. 7,366

Capital One $7530

Uber avg/mo. $7353

Google avg/mo. $7,129

ExxonMobil avg/mo. $7,018

Apple avg/mo. $$6917

Intuit avg/mo. $6749

BlackRock avg/mo. $6684

AMEX avg/mo. $6622

VMware avg/mo. $6463

Laughter - Best Medicine?

Fortune reports Leaders with a sense of humor are perceived as 27% more motivating and admired. It makes their employees 15% more engaged and twice as likely to solve challenges creatively. This is according to Humor, Seriously. Which also says humor is of benefit to workers and companies.

Predicted - Mass Exodus Of Workers

Natalie Baumgartner of LinkedIn is predicting employers are about to have a flood of employee turnover.

The exodus is due to a resulting unhealthy work-life balance due to the pandemic. 40% of workers are working longer hours and 37% are skipping scheduled breaks like lunch which has resulted in them feeling frustrated and burnout. They are also worried their managers think they’re not being as productive when onsite.

In Interviews - Cover This!

When planning your interview questions make sure you have several questions in these areas:

  • The position – duties and expectations

  • Learn more about the interviewer—how successful have they been?

  • Company leadership style—is it open and supportive?

  • The company’s missions and company culture

  • Delve into how success is measured, what does success look like?

  • Learn more about the team you’ll work with, size and personality?

  • Ask about opportunities for growth, what does growth look like?

EXTRA—H&M is lending free suits to new grads for their interviews starting May 13, 2021

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